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We Make History?

Those with a PASSION for Our Heritage...

We Make History is proud to positively portray the many uplifting and inspiring aspects of our national, cultural and spiritual heritage. There is much that has gone before us that has been admirable and many persons who have possessed qualities worthy of emulation. Ignorance and apathy have nearly deprived us of much that has been historically valuable in the lives of individuals and in the health of our entire society. Imagine the positive changes that could be effected in our present culture with just a return of such concepts as respect, grace and the historic mores which inspired them?

Those with a PASSION for Education...

Creative, interactive, education is what we are all about. Accepting the reality that we live in a highly visual generation We Make History accepts the challenge of taking a very real, multifaceted approach to education that actually involves everyone in a tangible way. Utilizing diverse elements of our history we intrigue and draw people into actual involvement in such facets as historic dance, historic etiquette, historic values, historic fashion, historic personalities, historic political and military challenges, historic questions, historic arts and much, much more in weaving a holistic tapestry of past times that immerses one in a former century. There are no mere spectators with We Make History. Our educational approach is highly interactive, exciting, entertaining and uplifting.

Those with a PASSION for Families...

Families are at the heart of what We Make History is all about. We have discovered that innumerable benefits accrue from families getting excited about facets of our heritage and learning and participating together in the creative educational process. Thus we are devoted to being family-friendly, our many and diverse activities being conducted in a safe and wholesome environment in which many age groups can all learn and grow. And we have discovered that our ancestors were really on to something in their common practice of multi-generational socialization. There are dynamics involved when multiple generations learn and share together that can be genuinely uplifting for all, often providing a new depth and sense of purpose among both young and old.

Those with a PASSION for Young People...

Our living history team is made up primarily of high school and college students who learn respect, values, responsibility and personal worth while engaged in community service through creative education. The experience is life changing. By positively impacting young lives we positively impact our culture. By positively impacting our culture - We Make History!

Those with a PASSION for the Arts...

We Make History is devoted to "Positive use of History and the Arts". The arts impact the mind and have an effect upon the soul. Dance, drama, speech, music, writing and other arts can either inspire and uplift or poison and bring down. We purpose and choose to inspire and uplift!

Those with a PASSION for a Higher Level of Culture...

Our desire is to provide wholesome multi-generational educational and recreational opportunities, to recreate and encourage the best aspects of our cultural heritage, to make positive use of the arts and to create an atmosphere and environment where a level of grace, respect and gentility are expected and exercised to a much higher degree than the current culture around us. In fact, by making inspirational use of our heritage and the arts we are able to positively impact lives. Through changing lives we change our culture. Thus... We Make History!

Those with a PASSION to Make a Difference...

Giving and serving are two of the highest levels of expression of which humans are capable. I have often pondered the thought that a person can talk all day about what they claim to believe in, what they claim is important to them and what they claim are their priorities. But look at where a person spends their time and their money and you will have the true picture. "For where a man's treasure is there will his heart be also."

We welcome those with real passions for our heritage, for education, for families, for the arts and for a positive change in the level of our current culture... to partner with us and actually make a real investment that could have an uplifting impact in the lives of many as we continue on our mission of "making history" through positive, educational use of history and the arts.

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Patriots' Club

The Patriots' Club provides the opportunity for persons to partner with the educational mission of We Make History through regular monthly support at then level of their choice.

First, using the drop down menu below, please choose the Founders' Club level at which you would like to participate. Next, click on the "Subscribe" icon. The support of our friends is powerful and effective in reaching our culture with inspirational, uplifting and creative education. Thank you!

Thank you for your support of the We Make History vision. "Give and it shall be given unto you..."


We Make History is a 501(c)3 non-profit, educational organization devoted to education through positive, uplifting use of history and the arts. Among our many means of service to this vision are a number of diverse historically themed balls each year (since 2001), dramatic portrayals of historic personalities and events (since 1999), the American Heritage Festival (the Southwest's largest and most diverse living history event) (since 2003), the American Liberty Festival (focused on "Liberty", the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution) (since 2012), the founding of family oriented living history groups portraying the people and events of the American Revolution and the Civil War (since 2003 and 2004 respectively) as well as dramatic portrayals, speaking events, public presentations, historic picnics, historic dinners, social events, seminars and workshops on many topics of historic interest, presentations, special events for public schools, private schools and homeschool groups and much more. We Make History is founded, purposed and run upon Christian principles but has a desire to serve all regardless of background.

In 2006 we began the first steps toward making We Make History a bi-coastal phenomenon with historic presentations, dramatic character portrayals and living history on the East Coast. Since that time Virginia has become the fast-growing center of East Coast operations for We Make History and we are very excited regarding the bright future of We Make History Virginia!

Among our goals are strengthening and expanding core activities and increasing our presence, time and activities in Virginia and on the East Coast. We would like to reproduce our American Heritage Festival and/or American Liberty Festival and the wonderful inspirational education they bring in multiple locations and are looking intently at possible sites across the nation including (but not limited to) Virginia and Michigan. We also hope this year to expand our "depot" of historic clothing and accoutrements which will be of tremendous assistance in strengthening and establishing educational activities at the core of our mission while also providing means to easily facilitate getting many more new people (entire families!) involved hands-on in the exciting educational process.

Among our many long term goals are to acquire land and build our "Center for Heritage Education & The Arts".

Picture if you will a grand historic style ballroom, perhaps something after the fashion of Palladio or Wren, featuring magnificent pillars and portico, marble, an expansive wooden dance floor, spacious stage, fine sound and lighting, side galleries, internal and external balconies and a beautiful lobby.
And this would only be the beginning. Educational space, a performing arts building, a bookstore / gift shop, guest rooms, an 18th century style formal garden, an office, a kitchen, a meeting/banquet hall, a pair of small living history villages (18th century and 19th century) and more could all be forthcoming as well as land for working historic agricultural exhibits, historic encampments and battle reenactments.

Imagine the tremendous blessing of such a facility in furthering our vision of utilizing heritage, education and the arts to support American families, raise the bar on the level of our current culture and positively impact the society around us!

Someone once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Tens of millions of dollars and years of effort could be necessary. The fruition of this process may require a long journey but the time has come to proceed.

Your support may help to make all these possibilities to be realities.

Thank you for dreaming the dream with us and taking tangible steps to make the dream come true!

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